5 Sudden Symptoms of Stroke You Must Know

sudden symptoms of stroke

Stroke is a frightening disease that currently popular. Because a stroke can make a person have a permanent disability if treatment too late. Therefore, understanding the symptoms of stroke attack are very important to be taught, so that able to act when saw other person is getting such attacks.

Quoted by the Times of India, the following are general characteristics of stroke that suddenly occurs =

  1. Sudden numbness or muscles weaken in the face, arm, or leg on one side of the body.
  2. A sudden feeling of confusion, difficulty speaking, and less able to understand when spoken to.
  3. Sudden difficulty in moving the members of the body on one side.
  4. Having difficulty walking or walking with dragging feet, feeling dizzy, off balance, and difficulty coordinating body parts.
  5. Head suddenly felt very painful and has no known cause.

These symptoms can last a short and light so don’t make worry. However, when the intensity is stronger, it can be a signal the occurrence of stroke and immediately had to get help. Stroke such as heart attack which needs quick medical attention. Because a stroke attack directly on the blood vessels in the brain.

Maximum time of stroke treatment is three hours since the attack occurred. If more than that, it is feared that risk of disability post-stroke can increase. Giving stroke medicines early time of the attack can reduce the risk of disability by 30 percent. Meanwhile, according to a report from the National Stroke Association, two-thirds of people have disabilities after a stroke attack.

Therefore, when you find people around experiencing one or more of these symptoms with great intensity, should be immediately brought to the nearest hospital. That could keep them out of the severity of pain and anticipation of disability.


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