11 Adverse Effects Quitting Smoking

adverse effects quitting smoking

Quit smoking cigarettes may be a tough time for those who already addicted. Because periods free from dependence also cause side effects such as addiction. Do not give up even once had to pass through it. The body will respond positively when a smoker stops their bad habits. The body will slowly repair itself until no longer need the cigarette poison.

Quoted from the Times of India, it is the effects that can occur when quitting smoking. This effect can last about two days until more than two weeks and temporary =

  1. Depression.
    Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or low self-esteem may be experienced. In these circumstances, someone must be kept away from smoker environment, and should be given positive reinforcement.
  2. Grumpy.
    Very likely will appears irritable desire.
  3. Mood changes that are unpredictable.
    The mood becomes unclear to predict. Sudden emotion, anger, love, anxiety, and other mood comes without control due to body wants nicotine.
  4. Unwell.
    The cause is a process of disposal which carried out by the body. During smoking, nicotine will inhibit the rate of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. And now, the body will make all running as conditions without nicotine.
  5. Intestinal discomfort.
    May appear cramps, nausea, flatulence, constipation. Do exercise and eat fiber to compensate for this problem.
  6. Nose and throat problems.
    Nose and throat will try to eliminate mucus that accumulated during smoking. To detoxify the body, you may experience coughing, sore throat, and dry mouth.
  7. Increased appetite.
    Gradual loss of cigarette toxins can trigger hunger. Take low-calorie and healthy food.
  8. Headache.
    The liberation of nicotine also triggers headaches. Massage and rest when it happens. Do not forget to drink enough water and shower with hot or warm water.
  9. Lack of sleep.
    The cessation of smoking is also associated with insomnia problems. For a while, do not drink coffee close to bedtime and regular exercise.
  10. Clammy hands and shaky legs.
    Do not give up and hang in there until the effects of addiction is completely gone.
  11. Experiencing skin problems.
    The skin will gradually lead to a better condition. During the process, you may experience acne, tongue or mouth problems. It’s just a process of transition.
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