4 Tips to Prevent Excessive Hair Loss Effectively at Home

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tips to prevent excessive hair loss effectively at home

Hair loss can be devastating, both for men and women. Everyone will lose some hair each day. Normally, humans can lose a hundred strands of hair per day. There are three phases of hair growth, the growth phase (anagen), resting phase (catagen), and fall out phase (telogen). Therefore, the loss of hair is a natural thing, and it is a cycle of hair growth.

If the hair loss has exceeded the normal limit (100 strands/day), then it can be categorized as ‘hair loss’, and require special attention to prevent baldness.

Excessive hair loss can occur due to the hardening of collagen at the base of the scalp and hair. Hardening of collagen will close the base of the hair so that the hair can not absorb nutrients. As a result, the power of hair that sticks to the scalp will be weak, and the hair becomes thin. If not handled properly, hair loss can occur quickly and easily.

Tips to prevent hair loss.

Treatment of hair loss is focusing on fighting hardening of collagen and strengthen the roots/base of the hair. The most common option is to use a special tonic that prevents hair loss. Also, the following four ways can also help to prevent hair loss =

  1. Adjustment of diet.
    Customize the type of food consumed to help prevent hair loss is a very good first step. Increase consumption of foods that contain lots of vitamin A, B, C and E, as these vitamin are essential for the growth of new hair.
  2. Massaging the scalp regularly.
    Best active steps to prevent hair loss is to give you a massage on the scalp and the base of the hair, using jojoba or olive oil. This simple practice can accelerate hair growth and nutrient absorption.
  3. Avoid direct contact with sunlight.
    Ultraviolet rays can damage the health of the scalp and interfere with hair growth. Use a hat or umbrella when out of the room during the day will help reduces the effects of sun damage for hair health.
  4. Use natural products.
    Avoid or reduce the use of hair care products that contain chemicals. What’s more on hair styling products with harsh chemicals such as those used to straighten hair, hair dye, and so forth. Hair health will be maintained with the use of products made from natural ingredients. Also, do not use a hair dryer with high temperatures too often.

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