8 Benefits of Potatoes for Body Health

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benefits of potatoes

Potato has become one of the staple food quite popular these days. Many people who use potatoes as an alternative food to help their diet. This is because potatoes are rich in carbohydrates such as rice or wheat, but with fewer calories. In addition, potatoes contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health. There are many more other benefits of potatoes for health as it will be reviewed below.

8 Benefits of Potatoes for Body Health =

  1. High in fiber.
    Potatoes are high in fiber, parallel to grain bread, cereals, and pasta. With a high fiber content, potatoes are beneficial to the health of the digestive system. Potatoes are also often engaged by many people to help their diet program.
  2. Fight against disease.
    Potatoes are known to help reduce the risk of cancers such as prostate cancer and uterine cancer. Some studies also showed that the potatoes well to fight heart disease. Potatoes contain vitamin B6 can help you to fight against nervous disorders and formation of crystals or a tumor.
  3. Good for skin health.
    Potatoes contain vitamin C which is very good for your body, especially the skin. Smearing potato juice on the area of the face can make your skin beautiful and glowing. As with cucumber, potato pieces which are placed in the eye for 30 minutes, can reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes.
  4. Helps reduce cholesterol levels.
    Maybe you often hear a lot of myths about how potatoes can fatten the body. But in reality, the potatoes do not contain a lot of calories as well as rice. Even potato gives full effect longer, so you do not get easily hungry. In addition, potatoes can help you to reduce cholesterol levels.
  5. Good for the brain.
    Potatoes are rich in iron and copper that are beneficial for brain development.
  6. Helps reduce inflammation.
    If you are experiencing inflammation of both external and internal, potatoes can help you to overcome it. Potato is a great food that is easy to digest and reduces inflammation in the colon and digestive system. Potatoes can also help overcome inflammation or sores in the mouth. For external inflammation, potato juice is very beneficial for treating bruises, burns, sprains, and ulcers. In addition, potatoes are known to help fight the effects of narcotics and skin problems.
  7. Good for people with kidney stones.
    Potatoes do contain iron and calcium that also helps the formation of kidney stones. However, potatoes are rich in magnesium which can resist the accumulation or deposition of calcium in the kidneys and other tissues so that the potato has been useful in treating kidney stones. Doctors also recommend that patients with kidney stones to involve potatoes at every meal.
  8. Relieve stress.
    Contains vitamin B6, potatoes are very useful to eliminate the stress that comes from the mind. Potatoes make the hormone adrenaline which can respond to stress and eventually make the body relaxes and gives a soothing feeling.

That’s the various benefits of potatoes for the health of the body. I hope this article is useful.


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