Boss Who Like Cussing Workers Will Affect the Work Environment

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boss cussing workers

A boss who is abusive toward subordinates not only cause negative effects for employees who are victims of their rage but also will affect the working environment, including the victim’s co-workers, a study suggests. According to the researchers, employees who scolded roughly by their superiors can lead to frustration on the job, participate treat rude to co-workers, and will always question the company’s support for its employees. The behavior of superiors who love cussing, criticize, and mocking the employees are the kind of leadership that is not normal.

Employees Can Be Frustrating to Work

“Although the effects caused by rough statement is not physically harmful, but such action may leave the ‘cuts’ deeper and longer, even more so in most cases this was continued until sometime in the future,” said Paul Harvey, a professor in organizational behavior at the University of New Hampshire and author of the study.

Co-workers of the employee who gets invective, insults, and other harsh statements also tend to experience negative effects in the long term. It is based on a survey of 233 people that is working in various areas in the southeastern United States.

Vicarious Supervisory Abuse

The researchers say that employees who see or aware of colleagues being bullied by superiors, they will face a state of “vicarious supervisory abuse” or in other words as if they are experiencing it for themselves. Not only see directly, the employee who just heard a rumor that their friend was also scolded by the boss will have the condition.

According to the researchers, when the “vicarious abusive supervision” is present, an employee will be aware that negative behavior being directed at them, although they did not get it at all,” wrote the researchers. The study was published in the journal of Social Psychology.

These findings indicate that the negative effects caused by the rough treatment of a boss can be spread into the environment around the victim and will affect other employees.

Top leaders of a company need to be aware of the widespread impact of the harsh treatment against employees by superiors and immediately take appropriate action to mitigate the negative impacts, the researchers concluded.


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