Fight Diabetes with Salmon and Eggs

diabetes with salmon and eggs

The amino acid arginine that is found in salmon, eggs, nuts, and some other foods, is known to offer a promising defense against the threat of diabetes disease, a new study from the University of Copenhagen shows.

Effect of Food with Arginine Against Diabetes Type 2

Medical researchers found that arginine can significantly improve the body’s ability to metabolize blood sugar, a process which can hinder the arrival of type 2 diabetes. The findings are published in the scientific journal Endocrinology shows that arginine may stimulate the hormones associated with diabetes treatment in the same way as medicines in general.

“In fact, the amino acid is as effective as some medicines that are known to cope with type 2 diabetes,” said Christoffer Clemmensen, lead researcher.

In the new experiments involving lean and obese rats, Clemmensen and a team of researchers from the University of Cincinnati measured the effect of amino acids on glucose tolerance, using a test that measures the body’s ability to process and get rid of sugar from the blood, from time to time.

“We have shown that lab rats, both lean and obese, has benefited from arginine supplements,” said Clemmensen. “In fact, there is increased metabolism by 40 percent in both groups of mice. You certainly cannot cure diabetes by eating only foods that are rich in arginines, such as almonds and hazelnuts. However, our findings suggest that foods containing arginine at least have a positive effect on how the body processes the food we eat.”

He added that the new findings are very promising to be the development of type 2 diabetes medicine in the long run with better and more targeted.

More than 371 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, 90 percent of them affected by type 2 diabetes caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

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