10 Risks That Threaten People with Obesity

risks people with obesity

Obesity or overweight is a condition usually caused by unhealthy life pattern. This condition is considered dangerous and bad for health because obesity will trigger the arrival of serious diseases like heart disease or diabetes. In addition, there are still many other risks that threaten people with overweight or obesity.

  1. Obesity and short of breath.
    It is usually experienced by sufferers of obesity is difficult breathing, and breathing tends to be short. This is because the fat that accumulates in the chest and neck area so as to make the person have difficulty in taking or remove air to breathe.
  2. Obesity and skin problems.
    Obesity trigger skin problems due to several factors, one of which is hormonal changes. In addition, excess fat deposits will make the skin more dilated which ultimately creates fine lines. On the other hand, the folds of fat make a mold and bacteria to flourish, and this can lead to infection.
  3. Obesity and knee pain.
    People with obesity often experience pain in the joints and leg muscles. Knee pain does not go away in the long term may worsen your posture. All this is because of the excess weight that can add to the burden or stress on the knees and ankles.
  4. Obesity and stomach acid.
    Stomach acid up into the esophagus can be triggered due to being overweight. When this occurs, the patient will usually feel a burning sensation, pain, and pressure around the chest and neck. The cause is because fat suppresses stomach area that will eventually make the stomach acid to rise.
  5. Obesity and depression.
    Obesity can also lead to depression of the sufferer. In fact, although not obese, people often think if they are obese or overweight also tend to be more easily stressed. This is because feelings of inferiority and shame mixed into one that encourages people to be more easy to stress and depression.
  6. Obesity and snoring.
    Sufferers of obesity will increase the risk of sleep apnea or other sleep disorders that are identical to the condition of snoring. This is because fat tissue in the body contributes to causing snoring.
  7. Obesity and back pain.
    Not a bit of obese patients who complained of back pain. The fat that accumulates will increase the burden of the spine. If the weight is not lowered, back pain may increase the risk of fractures from the inside.
  8. Obesity and hypertension.
    One of the serious risks that must be faced by obese people is increasing blood pressure. Many cases of obese people who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension and eventually lead to heart disease.
  9. Obesity and irregular menstruation.
    Irregular menstruation can be caused due to hormonal imbalance. Meanwhile, hormone imbalance condition is generally triggered by obesity. Excess fat may affect the performance of the hormones that make it not functioning normally.
  10. Obesity and varicose veins.
    Varicose veins occurred when veins dilated due to the weakening of the vessel wall. Clots of blood vessels with purple or blue color become symptoms of varicose veins. In addition, because of the family history, varicose veins can also be caused due to excess weight or obesity.

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