7 Negative Effects of Anger for Body Health

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negative effects of anger

Your emotional health is one of the keys to keeping the body stay healthy. A person’s emotions can be shown when they’re feeling happy about something, angry at other people, and afraid of something. If you’re feeling unhappy or happy, it will have a positive impact on overall body health. Conversely, if you’re shrouded in high anger, it will be a negative impact on the health of your body.

Health risks associated with anger is considered quite serious. Patients who have heart disease will face a very serious health risk and fatal if they are angry. Therefore, we are encouraged to learn how to manage or control themselves when the anger comes. This is due to the negative effects for the health of the body caused due to anger is not a little.

Various Disorders and Diseases That Come Into the Body Due to Anger =

  1. Stress.
    One of the negative effects arising as a result of anger is stressful. After the anger has subsided, typically a person will experience stress, which in turn can lead to serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and so on.
  2. Heart disease.
    Heart problems such as heart beat very fast exceed the normal limit is triggered due to anger. If you include people who are quick to anger, your heart rate will probably continue to increase, making you prone to heart attacks.
  3. Sleep disorders.
    When you are angry, various hormones ‘raging’ in your body. It allows you to experience sleep disturbances. If the body does not get enough rest, your body susceptible to various diseases. In addition, lack of sleep will make your mind a mess.
  4. High blood pressure.
    High blood pressure can be caused by anger. When you get angry, your blood pressure is increasing for a while. Nevertheless, it is still not alienating you from the risk of heart disease caused by high blood pressure.
  5. Respiratory problems.
    People who are prone to respiratory problems such as asthma, it is increasingly difficult to breathe when they are angry. Anger is easy to trigger asthma attacks and makes you breathless.
  6. Headache.
    Anger will make the blood vessels in the brain pulsed more ‘wild.’ This triggered an acute headache.
  7. Stroke.
    A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, making the blood supply to a part of the brain being disturbed. This could happen as a result of anger, in which make the blood pressure in the body is higher. Stroke can paralyze your body instantly.

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