Garlic Potentially Prevent Lung Cancer

garlic prevent lung cancer

An exciting new research and published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research found the ability of garlic is remarkable in lowering the risk of lung cancer by 30 to 40 percent, even in a smoker.

Relationship Between Garlic and Lung Cancer

The study involved about 6,000 people and conducted in 2003 until 2013 at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Jiangsu, China. The researchers interviewed 1424 people with lung cancer and 4543 healthy individuals using a standardized questionnaire. This study aims to explore the relationship between eating raw garlic with lung cancer.

The researchers found that eating raw garlic twice a week can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 44 percent in people who do not smoke and 30 percent in smokers. As it is known that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, and this finding was considered quite shocking. The reduced risk of lung cancer due to consumption of raw garlic is also found in people who are exposed to high-temperature steam or smoke from the cooking process, often eat fried food, and the existence of a family history who was diagnosed with lung cancer. Those things are also one of the risks of lung cancer.

The researchers believe that responsible for the anti-cancer effect of this apparently is allicin, a compound in garlic which also has antibacterial and antifungal. According to the scientists who conducted the study, eating raw garlic could potentially become agents for prevention of lung cancer. However, the researchers are still not sure whether the positive effects of garlic that are eaten raw also applies on garlic that has been cooked.

In spite of it all, the research was still in character observation and requires further research. Robert Nuttal from The Society’s Cancer Control Policy Acting says that we still do not know whether these findings apply to people in China alone or can also apply to the general public as a whole. Nuttall said that while garlic is still currently in the research on the protective properties that exist in it, he emphasized that a balanced diet is a better approach than just eating garlic.


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