4 Conditions That Prone to Dehydration

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conditions prone to dehydration

Facts show that more than 60 percent of the human body consists of water. When we have an activity that is heavy and always being in the outdoors, then the fluid present in the body is also reduced. This is certainly going to make the body vulnerable to dehydration. In addition, according to a sports physician, Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO, there are some other unique things which make one’s body vulnerable to dehydration. What is it? Check out the review below.

Conditions That Are Prone to Dehydration =

  1. Women who have given birth.
    Pelvic conditions of a woman who has given birth to children tend to be different from before. This usually causes the mother to be more frequent urination. The condition of the mother who has had a child, especially the number of children a lot, make the hips to be down and pressing the bladder, which in turn encourages the mother to more frequent urination. This condition usually makes the mother being lazy to drink water, to avoid often going to the bathroom.
  2. Diet.
    Diet is one of the conditions that are prone to dehydration. This is due to factors lack of intake of food and drink. Someone who is a little eats usually also has a tendency to drink a little, making the person prone to dehydration and make breathing less savory.
  3. Sleep.
    Sleep is also a condition that will reduce fluid in the body, whether it was in a state of cold temperatures or not. While sleeping, a person must breathe so release hot water vapor continuously. Nevertheless, the amount of liquid is reduced during sleep depends on how much water you drink before bed.
  4. Prostate enlargement in men.
    When entering the age of 50 years, the men generally have an enlarged prostate. This situation will suppress bladder, thus making them more frequent urination. This is a reasonable condition for men, especially during old age. However, the condition eventually makes them reluctant to drink lots of water so prone to dehydration. This condition is similar to the condition of the body of the woman who had given birth.

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