If There is a Passenger Who is Dying in an Airplane, the Stewardess Will Do This

passenger dying in airplane stewardess do this

Emergency events can take place anywhere, including in a flying plane. For example, there is a passenger who is dying or suddenly experience a decline in health and fainting. To deal with the situation, the flight attendant or cabin crew must have been well trained.

They usually have emergency medical skills to provide artificial respiration or CPR, and other necessary actions. Also portable equipment to provide a diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias so that can immediately help passengers with critical conditions.

Not only that, pilots generally have access to a doctor so they can ask for advice what action should be given to the passenger. On the plane, there is a medical box containing emergency medicines that can be used.

If the situation is urgent, pilots can land a plane to the nearest airport, to save the lives of passengers to the hospital.

Reported by news.com.au page, the policy is a standard that applies to almost all international airlines. Cabin crew must keep trying to provide artificial respiration and should only be stopped if a licensed doctor has checked and stated that the passenger died.

So what if the passenger died? Usually, the cabin crew will place it in a chair covered with a blanket. In some airlines, there is also a separate place in the kitchen plane that can be used to put the body.

The airplane that provides the ‘death box’ usually has been equipped with a body bag, as well as a label. This is so as not to make other passengers into a panic, so usually the cabin crew will remain calm when doing help.


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