This is the Cause of Tinnitus, a Ringing or Buzzing Sound in the Ear

cause of tinnitus ringing sound in ear

Ever experienced a ringing in the ears like there’s something in it, and very annoying because noisy? Medically, the term for this condition is tinnitus.

Experiencing tinnitus definitely makes you uncomfortable, because it makes difficult to concentrate and difficult to listen to other things clearly.

Why can tinnitus happen? Reported by Boldsky page, the condition is triggered by the habit of listening to the sound of a headset or music with a maximum volume.

Ear holes have small hairs that help to hear, located in the cochlea. The loud volume of the music you hear will be received by this small hair with a loud vibration and make it unstable.

“These hair cells then produce a ringing or buzzing sound that can not be translated in the brain with clear,” said a researcher quoted by Boldsky.

As a result, you will hear a ringing or buzzing sound in the ear. Though there is no source of sound near you.

Tinnitus can be treated with meditation or hypnosis. But you can consult an ENT doctor for the appropriate solution to your problem. Meditation is meant to get your attention distracted from a ringing or buzzing sound.

“Tinnitus that is not treated immediately can be a serious hearing problem,” the researcher said.

Better if you maintain hearing health by not listening to music with a maximum volume. May be useful.


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