Recipe to Increase Appetite by Using Turmeric

recipe to increase appetite using turmeric

Turmeric is the most widely used natural herb for traditional herbal medicine ingredients. The pharmacological effects of turmeric are great for health, including to increase appetite for children and adults.

With an active substance called curcumin contained in turmeric, it is able to increase the amount of antioxidants in the body. In addition, it also improves the immune system and helps normalize blood pressure.

Diseases such as mild diarrhea can also be overcome by consuming turmeric juice. Likewise with symptoms of gastrointestinal illness, stomach pain, rheumatism, even various inflammatory problems that occur, asthma and appendicitis.

For those who lack appetite, such as children, Dr. Prapti Utami, M.Si share recipes how to make turmeric herb as an appetite enhancer for the parents.

By drinking turmeric herb, the digestive enzymes can increase and children are more often hungry. In addition, the content of antiseptic substances in turmeric will make the child’s immune system increases so they are not susceptible to disease.

How to make an appetite enhancer herb with turmeric: clean 2 pieces of turmeric, then grate and take the extract. Give to the child before bed every night. Give a little salt so that the taste not too bitter.

Another way: clean 2 pieces of turmeric, then crushed. Boil with 1.5 glasses of water with low heat, leave for 10 minutes and turn off the heat. Give to the child in warm conditions, do not forget to add honey.


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