Swimming is Healthy, 4 Benefits of Swimming for Health

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benefits of swimming for health

Many people love to play with water. This is what makes swimming become one of the fun sports. Interestingly, swimming has many benefits for the body that might have been unimaginable before.

Quoted from the Okezone page, the muscles of the body tend to be much active while in the water. Many calories are burned. In addition, swimming is believed to improve the respiratory system and stimulate body growth for children and adolescents. More amazing benefits =

  1. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
    In fact, swimming is also a means of therapy for people who have cardiovascular problems. Almost all muscles are active while swimming. It is capable of improving blood circulation and includes reducing cholesterol in the blood vessels. The toxins that enter the arteries will also be pushed out of the body. Cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke can be avoided.
  2. Prevent stress.
    Playing in water affects moods that tend to be positive. Through swimming sport, endorphin hormone will be produced so that the mood gets better. Stress went away.
  3. Muscles are more formed.
    Want to have a beautiful muscle shape? In addition to training in the gym, it’s good to complete the exercise with swimming. Swimming can improve overall physical condition.
  4. Swimming becomes the right sport for many people with serious illness.
    Swimming has a lower risk of causing health problems for the body. As long as it is done safely, people with serious illness are still allowed to swim.

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