A Pack of Cigarettes Can Create 150 Mutations in Every Lung Cell

cigarettes create 150 mutations in lung cell

Research on the bad effects of smoking always evolves over time. Recent findings say that people who spend a pack of cigarettes every day then every cell in their lungs will experience the mutation process as much as 150 times. Terrible isn’t it?

These findings were obtained from a study conducted by Ludmil Alexandrov and colleagues from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States. The researchers conducted a study to observe the changes or mutations that appear in the organ cells of people who smoke. From there it is known, those who smoke up to one pack each day have 150 mutations in every cell of the lungs.

This cell mutation is very dangerous. The reason, cell mutations in the lungs is associated with increased risk of lung cancer commonly experienced by smokers.

The study also found cell mutations in other organs when a pack of cigarettes was smoked daily. There are 97 mutations in the larynx, 39 mutations in the pharynx, 23 mutations in the mouth, 18 mutations in the bladder, and 6 mutations in the liver. With the findings of these cell mutations, smokers are also at risk of having mouth cancer, bladder cancer, throat cancer, and liver cancer.

“Previously, research that looking for a link between cancer and cigarettes can only be done by looking at the epidemiological evidence. But our study found that we can also see directly the molecular changes that occur in DNA due to smoking habit,” said Alexandrov, as quoted by Detik Health from Reuters.

The study has been published in the journal Science.


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