Avoid Using a Razor Together, Here are the Risks

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avoid using razor together risk

It is not advisable to use a razor together with several people at once. Because razors are possible to be a place of development of germs. Moreover, razors are not only used to cut mustache or beard hair. Many people are also shaving the pubic hair and armpit hair with a razor.

“If you wear a razor should be used by yourself, so it will be sterile, do not be used repeatedly, do not be used with other people. For example, the first person has an infection, and the second person uses the razor then we (who use) will get infected as well,” said Dr. Laksmi Duarsa, SpKK from Surya Husadha Hospital, Denpasar, as quoted by Detik Health page.

In addition, it is more advisable to use a disposable razor. In order for the risk of transmission of venereal disease can be minimized. Also avoid shaving the pubic hair too short. The reason, said Dr. Lakshmi, it can trigger the occurrence of irritation.

“If you shave the hair too short it can cause red, itchy and sore,” she said.

But there are times when a razor should be used interchangeably with others for some reason. If so, it is advisable to soak the razor in the soapy water first. Disclosed by Prof. Dr. dr Ali Sulaiman SpPD, KGEH from the Division of Hepatology Department of Internal Medicine FKUI, this method is able to prevent transmission of diseases such as hepatitis B.

“Using a razor and then injured even if it does not bleed, but the serum can contain hepatitis B virus. So you should always be careful when using a razor,” said Prof. Ali.


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