Muscle Cramps Make You Unable to Move, Here Are the Causes

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muscle sramps unable to move causes

Muscle cramps often occur during exercise, walking, swimming, and other activities. When it happens then you can be sure will feel pain and can not move for some time.

According to an orthopedic surgeon named Kim Gladden, MD, muscle cramps often occur when someone is an adult. He also describes several causes that trigger muscle cramps, as reported by Clevelandclinic page below =

  1. Dehydration.
    Less fluid or dehydration can trigger muscle cramps, especially for those of you who are physically active. Our bodies are mostly fluid, so the muscles and joints depend on the adequacy of the substance in the body.
  2. Lack of certain nutrients.
    Bodies that are deficient in certain nutrients such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium are also susceptible to cramps. Muscle contraction requires these minerals, as well as for muscle relaxation.
  3. Drug side effects.
    Some medications may cause side effects of cramps. Should ask the doctor whether the drug you consume can cause side effects.
  4. Less stretching.
    Before exercising or other activities, you should do stretching to prevent muscle shock and cramps.
  5. Too hard in exercising.
    Overloading your energy while exercising also triggers cramps. If indeed you have to exercise hard, then regularly increase your muscle strength, so the muscles are not suddenly stiff.
  6. Blood circulation.
    Poor blood circulation is also a trigger of stiff muscle conditions accompanied by increased pain.

So, that’s some of the causes of muscle cramps, may be useful.


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