4 Bad Effects If You Sit Too Long in the Office

bad effects sit too long in office

Office workers often look comfortable with just sitting in a chair while doing their work. Though behind it, there are health threats lurking them due to lack of movement.

Sitting more than 5 hours per day will certainly bring negative side effects for health. Therefore, it is better if you balance the activity with a lot of walking or standing on the sidelines of your work.

Reported by the Boldsky page, here are some bad effects if you sit too long for your health =

  1. Fat accumulates.
    The accumulation of fat in the abdomen is one of the risks of sitting too long. Slow metabolism, as well as very little energy used because you just sit, cause it to happen. Especially if you are a lot of snacking on the sidelines of working time, the more fat deposited in the body.
  2. Back pain.
    Sitting for a long time, especially if supported by a bad position, will trigger back pain. The effect will spread to the spine that is in the wrong position, and neck pain also occurs.
  3. Sugar levels rise.
    The study says that insulin production can be disrupted if you often sit in a long time. As a result, blood sugar levels can rise and if it lasts for long, you are at risk of developing diabetes.
  4. Stress.
    Jobs that require you to sit for long can affect mental health. You are very likely to experience stress and depression. If left unchecked, this can even be an acute mental health disorder. The trigger is the flow of oxygen to the brain that is not smooth.

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