5 Myths About Fat That Don’t Need to Be Believed

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myths about fat

Some myths related to obesity are widely circulated in the community. Some are proved true in science, but many are not true and indeed just misunderstood.

So what are the myths that associated with body fat? Let’s see together as reported by purewow.com page below =

  1. A lot of eating fat can make you overweight.
    Not really. Some people are fat due to genetics and rarely eat fatty foods. And some people eat fatty foods but they are difficult to be fat. In addition, healthy fats will actually make you satiated quickly and does not make the body become fat.
  2. The difference between muscle and fat.
    Someone who is muscular and someone who has a fat body could have the same weight scales even though the appearance is different. Fatty people will look bigger and wider than muscular people. That’s because fat has a larger volume than a solid muscle.
  3. Fat can be converted into muscle.
    This is wrong because both are different things. If you exercise, then the fat can be eroded. While muscles can form well if you regularly do cardiovascular exercise, and eat lots of protein.
  4. Muscles can turn into fat.
    This is also not the right thing because muscles and fats are different. The truth is if you rarely exercise then the muscles will weaken. Fat will accumulate in your body if you eat a lot of calories and your physical activity is very little.
  5. Fat is not healthy.
    Not really. Fat people also have a nutritious food intake, diligent exercise, also have normal blood pressure and maintain health. On the other hand, not all slim people have a healthy body because there are many factors that must be checked first.

Well, that’s some of the myths about fat that don’t need to be believed. May be useful.


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