5 Powerful Ways to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

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powerful ways relieve anxiety stress

Facing a difficult problem can make a person experience anxiety, panic, and even stress. If you can not overcome the anxiety that comes, usually the mind will be filled with fear, and cause some health problems such as dizziness, nausea, heartburn, even stomach pain, and heart palpitations.

As much as possible anxiety should be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem. For that, there are several powerful ways that you can try to ease your anxiety, as quoted from medicaldaily page =

  1. Grasping stones.
    Pick up a small stone that fits to grasp, then hold it firmly. Occasionally you can also rub the stone in the palm of the hand while taking a deep breath and exhale as hard as possible. This helps relieve anxiety.
  2. Watch the colors of the rainbow.
    Try to observe the colors that are around you, with different gradations. The green color can make you relax, and the sky blue color also helps to relax.
  3. Drinking tea.
    Drink warm tea slowly, with occasional you smell the aroma. It helps to relax and relieve anxiety.
  4. Listen to a quiet sound.
    You can listen to songs. Listening to quiet sounds can help you concentrate, as well as manage your focus. This is a powerful way to relieve anxiety.
  5. Bath or wash your face.
    Bathing with warm water, or washing your face and body is another way to relieve anxiety and stress. Can also if possible, you soak in the warm water.

Feel that anxiety will slowly disappear and be replaced with a sense of calm and relax. May be useful.


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