Big Risks That Occur If You Like Rubbing Your Eyes

big risks if like rubbing eyes

Unconsciously sometimes we rub our eyes many times if it feels itchy or sore. Having done that, it feels a bit comfortable. But often, the itching and soreness will come back again even though we’ve tried to eliminate it by rubbing the eyes with hands.

Did you know, there are several reasons to no longer do the habit of rubbing the eyes. It is advisable to use drops to keep the eyeballs wet and prevent irritation.

Here are some reasons you should know about the risk of rubbing the eyes, as reported by the Alohaclinic page =

The hand you use to rub your eyes, there may be germs and bacteria or dirt. Indeed all that is not visible but the risks can irritate your eyes.

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on other body parts. If you often rub the skin around the eyes, then wrinkles are very easy to appear there. Moreover, the thin veins that many found in the bottom of the eye, at risk of broken or widened and cause the eyes look red.

The eyeball you have is not a strong organ in the face of pressure. The internal structure of the cornea, the retina, and other parts of the eyeball that allows you to see clearly can be injured.

So you should avoid the habit of rubbing the eyes, and just use drops if the eyes feel sore or itchy.


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