When Experiencing Coffee Overdose, the Following Symptoms Are Visible

coffee overdose symptoms

Drinking coffee can help improve concentration and focus while doing activities. Some people can not even go through a day without drinking a cup of coffee before. Well, this addictive condition can sometimes save its own danger to the body.

Although the aroma of coffee is very fragrant and tempting taste, there is a high enough caffeine content in it. This substance that causes a certain effect if you consume too much coffee. Especially if there is an overdose of caffeine, your body will directly experience the impact.

For example, the hands and body are trembling. This condition obviously interferes with daily activities because it can last for several hours.

Why can tremor occur in the body just because of drinking coffee?

Caffeine in the coffee you drink serves as a stimulant that works to stimulate the central nervous system in the brain to work more actively.

In fact, the central nervous system becomes the central command that includes all the body functions. If the nervous system is affected by excessive caffeine, all body functions will be affected.

That is why if excessive drinking coffee, then the hands or the body will tremble because of the muscles contract and move out of control. Usually, this effect will disappear on its own if you drink lots of water to eliminate the effects of caffeine.

Other caffeine overdose symptoms are dizziness or migraines, insomnia, anxiety, bad mood, frequent urination, heartburn, and palpitations.

To be safe, according to the Mayo Clinic health research center, we should not drink more than four cups of coffee or contain 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. But for sensitive people, two cups alone can cause adverse effects, such as trembling.

Also note that caffeine is not only in coffee but also in tea, chocolate, soft drinks, other soft drinks.


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