Lady Gaga Affected by Chronic Illness Fibromyalgia

lady gaga fibromyalgia chronic illness

No one thought that behind her unique style, it turns out Lady Gaga suffering from a chronic disease. It caused her to rarely appear in public recently, even rumored to cancel a series of scheduled European tours.

The disease is mentioned to make her body condition worse, until no longer able to create new work. What is the disease she suffered?

Lady Gaga recently confirmed that she experienced the type of disease called fibromyalgia. In a documentary film made by Gaga’s management, she tells about this disease.

The documentary’s title is Five Foot Two. There Gaga tells how she struggled to face the pain caused by this disease, while still maintaining the image of herself in the eyes of fans and the public.

Despite being diagnosed with fibromyalgia for the past five years, the eccentric woman has not opened her condition and continues to tour and perform. She said that her fashion style is governed by the producer.

“Actually, the producers want me to dress sexily, but I’m in control and trying not to be like a sick person,” the story of Lady Gaga in the movie trailer.

Other effects of the disease she suffered, Gaga claimed to often experience paranoid, unfounded fears, pain, and anxiety.

As a result, she had time to stay away and reluctant to communicate with others. Gaga claimed to often feel lonely and alone, although a lot of fans who want to be close to her.

Reported by Cosmopolitan page, Wednesday (20/09/2017) fibromyalgia disease is a chronic condition that causes muscle pain. In addition, there are other symptoms commonly felt by the sufferer that is the problem with emotions and mood and easily tired.

“I have had this disease for five years, but when I see my fans, the pain is gone,” Gaga said.

In the documentary, Lady Gaga implies optimism that she will soon recover and be able to overcome the pain she experienced.


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