Early Symptoms of Kawasaki Disease in Toddlers That Need to Be Wary of

early symptoms kawasaki disease in toddlers

Toddlers suffering from Kawasaki disease need to get treatment immediately, because if not then it can cause serious complications to affect heart health in adulthood.

This disease attacks the skin, mouth and lymph nodes of children, generally who are under the age of 5 years.

From the kidshealth.org page, although the trigger of Kawasaki disease is not known for sure but you can recognize it through some of the symptoms seen in the child.

The disease was originally suffered by Japanese and Korean descent, no wonder if the name of the disease like that. However, in its development, Indonesian children also experienced it.

Here are some early symptoms of Kawasaki disease that you need to be wary of immediately after a fever or rise in body temperature within five days.

The eyes of the child will be reddish, the symptoms do not disappear even though it has been given droplets eye medication.

There is a rash in the abdomen, chest, and genitals, with a reddish color.

Children’s lips will look redder than before, also dry and cracked.

On the surface of the tongue seen a white coating, as well as a large red lump. This is called the ‘strawberry tongue’.

Irritation and inflammation of the throat, characterized by pain during swallowing.

Child’s legs and hands look swollen, and the color becomes a reddish purple.

If touched, felt swelling in the child’s lymph nodes on the right side of the neck.

In the period of two weeks, there is peeling on the skin of the feet and hands of children, with a large size.

Diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain are sometimes complained of by children.

Immediately providing treatment can minimize the symptoms, and cure Kawasaki disease within a few days.


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