4 Bad Effects If You Often Cross Your Legs When Sitting

bad effects often cross legs sitting

If you often cross your legs when you’re sitting especially while playing a laptop or netbook, you should begin to eliminate this habit. Indeed, it feels relaxed when doing it, but it turns out there are bad effects of the habit of crossing the legs.

What is the reason? Reported by the Popular page, here’s the information for you =

  1. Blood pressure increases.
    Sitting cross-legged can increase blood pressure because the blood circulation becomes obstructed in the affected part of the legs. In fact, for the smooth flow of blood from the legs back to the heart, there should be no blockage in any blood vessels.
  2. Back and neck pain.
    The sitting position with the legs crossed, according to Vivian Eisenstadt an orthopedist, can trigger rotation of the pelvic bone. As a result, the spine and neck bone can be painful.
  3. Damage to the leg nerves.
    When you cross your legs, the peroneal nerve that becomes the main nerve in the limbs will be pressed. As a result, temporary numbness or paralysis occurs in some muscles. If it happens often, it is quite possible that the nerves of the leg will be damaged.
  4. Varicose veins.
    One of the factors that trigger the emergence of varicose veins is sitting crossed legs. This occurs due to blood flow in the legs obstructed so that the blood vessels in that part will weaken. This condition makes varicose veins very easy to appear.

If occasionally and in a short period of time, perhaps sitting cross-legged will not have much effect. But if too often, you can feel the bad effects.


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