6 Habits That Can Make Your Brain Healthier and Not Senile

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habits make brain healthier not senile

Caring for brain health is an important thing to do, so in the old age later, you can avoid senile or even Alzheimer’s. Actually, to make this vital organ remains healthy, do not need much cost and the treatment is also not complicated.

There are some simple habits and activities that can keep the brain healthy. What is it? The answer is brain exercise. Not only the body that needs exercise, the brain too.

When you do a brain exercise, then the nerves will be formed. This is good for the prevention of symptoms of dementia or premature senility, as well as improving cognitive abilities and logical thinking to solve problems.

Here are some habits that help the brain to exercise and stay healthy =

  1. Play with a puzzle or crossword.
    Playing a puzzle has great benefits for the brain, as well as filling crossword puzzles. Sudoku is included in the brain exercise that stimulates the brain’s ability to work harder. For the right brain, there are chess, monopoly and various other strategy games.
  2. Read a book.
    If many people realize the importance of reading various types of books for brain health, surely the library or bookstore will never be deserted. Reading will flex the muscles of the brain, and increase knowledge.
  3. Learn a foreign language.
    Learning a foreign language is one way to make healthy the brain. The newly learned language will activate the side of the brain that has never been used before. Blood flow will flow into it and keep the brain healthy.
  4. Learn music.
    Playing music and learning music makes the brain aging process run more slowly. Thus the conclusion of a study conducted by Nina Kraus and published by the Live Science page.
  5. Physical training.
    Physical movement is also good for brain health, because the blood circulation in the body runs more smoothly, including to the brain. You may choose any physical exercise you like, and do it regularly. Even just jogging and walking for 45 minutes every day.
  6. Talking.
    Talking with other people is also able to nourish the brain. Socialization and interaction are very good to avoid the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Well, it does not need to be expensive to maintain the health of your brain.


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