Try Guess, Why Do Most Medicines Taste Bitter?

why medicines taste bitter

Most of the medicines other than the type of syrup that sold in pharmacies have a bitter taste. Only a few medicines that are given specific flavor. Usually, a medicine with a sweet taste is found in the type of chewing medicines such as ulcer medicines. Do you know why are medicines so bitter?

Quoted from the Tribune Travel page, bitter taste of medicines arising from substances that become medicine ingredients. This substance is called alkaloids. It is quite bitter and all pill medicine is given this ingredient. There are its own benefits of alkaloids that help kill germs in the body. That way, the germs in our body can be removed.

The administration of alkaloids in each medicine varies in dose. Therefore, sometimes there is a very bitter medicine, but found also the bitter taste is not too strong. Bitter or not bitter medicines depend on the administration of alkaloids when the medicine is produced. And, this alkaloid comes from plants.

Some people consider alkaloids as toxic to germs. No wonder many people do not like the taste of medicine. Although the medicine can kill the disease, its use should still be in accordance with the dose. Excessive taking medicines can actually poison the body. Always pay attention to the dosage of the medicine as recommended by the doctor.


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