4 Characteristics That You Can Feel When Your Body is Addicted to Caffeine

characteristics body addicted to caffeine

Drinks such as coffee and tea and soft drinks contain large amounts of caffeine. Consume it can make the body feel fresh while doing the activity, but the risk of being addicted is very high.

Caffeine addiction is not a good thing. There are several characteristics that you will feel if you are addicted to caffeine. Reported by Herworldplus.com page, here are some things that will be experienced by the body =

  1. The mood becomes bad.
    If the body has not received caffeine intake, then it will affect your mood or emotion. Usually, the mood will be bad, cranky and irritable. You become dependent with a cup of coffee to get a good mood.
  2. Dizzy.
    Headaches or dizziness if you have not got a cup of caffeinated beverage is also a sign you are already addicted. Caffeine works to influence blood vessel to be widened. If you have not got caffeine intake then the blood vessel in the head narrows and triggers dizziness.
  3. Not focus.
    Difficult to focus is also a characteristic of addiction. You get used to focus with the help of caffeine, so if you do not have this drink you are difficult to concentrate.
  4. Want to keep adding doses.
    A cup of coffee in the early morning is usually enough. But if addicted, you will feel one cup is not enough anymore and want to increase the dose to stay focused. If not, then drowsiness, weakness and difficult concentration will occur.

Before addiction, try to reduce your coffee intake. To stay focused, you can drink water, fruit juice or other fresh drinks.


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