4 Signs That Women Are Malnourished, the Body is Not Always Skinny

signs women malnourished

Women who suffer from malnutrition or lack of nutrition are not always characterized by having a thin body. It could be that their bodies look normal, but actually there are some nutrients that do not meet the standards of the body needs.

Moreover, if women are diligently doing the diet, which means reduced food intake. It is very vulnerable to cause them to experience malnutrition. Though women need a lot of nutrients to stay healthy and to perform activities.

It is difficult to detect malnutrition if the condition of the body still looks normal. But you can see the signs shown by the body, to be able to immediately anticipate. Here are some signs of malnutrition in women, quoted from Rodale Wellness =

  1. Irregular menstruation.
    One of them is the irregular period of menstruation. Whereas for healthy women, menstrual period always comes on time. It could be late in menstruation in a matter of weeks, or even months. To confirm the cause, contact your doctor immediately.
  2. Difficult to sleep.
    Another sign is you will have difficulty sleeping. Lack of nutrition triggers the body difficult to meet the need to sleep soundly, it could be because of hunger.
  3. The mood is easy to change.
    Rapid mood changes are also a sign that the body is hungry and lacking nutrition. You can experience sadness, stress, depression, and more.
  4. Dry and wrinkled skin.
    Body skin that looks dry and wrinkled is a sign of lack of nutrition. If you pinch a little, then the skin will be long back to its original position and not elastic.

If you experience some of the above, immediately eat with more composition and add fruits and vegetables. Supplements with mineral and vitamin composition are also needed so that the nutritional needs are immediately met.


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