5 Unique Facts About Yawning, Can Make Your Lungs Collapse

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unique facts about yawning

Yawning is a natural thing that everyone experiences. Often, yawning is associated with a sleepy condition. This is true. But do you know? It turns out that yawning has some interesting facts that you may not have thought of before.

Here are five facts related to yawning =

  1. Yawning helps cool the brain.
    This was revealed in a study conducted by researchers from Viena University. In their findings, yawning may occur as a result of the brain are having hot temperatures. In this condition, yawning helps cool the brain. Temperatures from the colder environment will be channeled through the bloodstream to the brain that is hot because the brain is working too hard. Next, there is heat exchange and the brain temperature decreases.
  2. Excessive yawning can make your lungs collapse.
    This condition has been experienced by a man in China. He felt intense chest pain and had difficulty breathing after yawning in one morning. Doctors say he is exposed to spontaneous pneumothorax or collapse of the lungs. It arises because the air is trapped next to the lungs. The doctor is sure that the man is yawning quite loudly.
  3. Fetuses yawn in the womb.
    The fetus yawning in the womb until the age of 28 weeks. After entering the gestational age, the frequency of yawning is reduced. The results of a study conducted by Durham University believe that this is associated with a period of growth such as brain maturation. Fetal yawning can be used to observe health conditions more broadly.
  4. Yawning is related to the nature of empathy.
    Sometimes people who are yawning like infecting people around them to yawning too. The same thing is also experienced by animals that live in groups like dogs and chimpanzees. People who have low empathy may be difficult to be infected.
  5. The time required to yawning approximately six seconds.
    During yawning, there is a significant increase in heart rate.

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