4 Reasons Why Some People Refuse to Exercise

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reasons people refuse to exercise

Not everyone likes to exercise. There are various reasons given if they are invited to exercise. Though activities involving physical movement are beneficial in improving health. Lazy to exercise and reluctant to perform other physical activities can be a boomerang for health in the future.

Quoted from the Republika page, there are at least four classic reasons that make someone lazy to exercise =

  1. No time.
    People who have a full activity agenda usually say this to avoid exercise. Though exercise can be done on the sidelines of activities. For example, go to work by cycling, or up and down stairs rather than using the elevator when in the office.
  2. Lack of motivation.
    Getting used to exercise requires strong motivation. When people want to stay healthy every day, they will be more eager to move their body to exercise.
  3. Have no place to exercise.
    Exercise is not just done at the gym or fitness center. A simple example is to perform movements such as plank, push ups, sit ups, and skipping.
  4. No energy.
    The last reason that is often used to avoid exercise is no more energy to exercise. They assume their daily activities have consumed a lot of energy. Though regular exercise can actually improve the physical ability so not easily tired.

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