6 Major Nutrients Needed by the Brain to Stay Healthy

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major nutrients needed by brain

The health of brain organs is very important because it is the center of the nervous system that commands all things in the human body. One way to maintain the condition of the brain to stay healthy is giving food in the form of nutrients needed.

The brain needs many nutrients because there are dozens of chemical reactions that occur in it. Nutritionist, Prof. Dr. Hardinsyah reveal some important nutrients to maintain the health of this vital organ.

According to him, there are 6 kinds of nutrients you need to consume to keep the brain healthy and able to think clearly.

Water: because nearly 80 percent of the human body consists of water. The brain is also dominant with liquids so if the composition is less then the chemical reactions that should occur in the brain can be inhibited.

Glucose and creatinine: a source of energy to make this vital organ work well.

Amino acids and fatty acids: both are useful for electrical activity in the brain. Chemical reactions in the brain, some of them in the form of an electric current leap.

Vitamin B12 and vitamin D: to maintain the condition of brain cells.

You can get the nutrients needed by the brain from special supplements, or daily food with sufficient amounts. For example amino acids and fats from marine fish and other fish species.

Vitamin B12 and D from fruits and sunlight, as well as water and glucose from drinks and foods with carbohydrate content.


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