If You Have a Hobby of Playing in the Pool, Beware of These Diseases

hobby playing in the pool diseases

Playing with water in the pool while swimming is fun. Especially when the weather is hot like some time lately. But you should be wary because there are several types of diseases that are vulnerable to be transmitted in this location.

Have you ever felt stomach cramps, skin irritation, hair loss and some other health problems after swimming in public places? Well, that’s the symptoms of RWI or Recreational Water Illness caused by bacteria or chemicals from the water in the pool.

Water can be accidentally swallowed when you’re swimming, right? It is just an example of a type of disease that may be experienced after swimming. There are still some other health disorders that may occur, such as below =

  • Diarrhea.
  • Respiratory illness.
  • Earache.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Wound infections.
  • Gastric infections.

Although you consider that the chlorine chemicals used to clean the pool water is already killing all bacteria, but the fact is not so.

Some bacteria or viruses even develop antibodies that cause them not to die immediately if exposed to chlorine. The endurance of the bacteria is stronger, so the bacteria will die a few days later.

To prevent the emergence of diseases triggered by bacteria in the pool, the following steps can you do, as reported by the Health Me Up page =

Take a shower before entering the pool. It helps cleanse the body from bacteria that can contaminate the water in the pool.

If you’re having diarrhea, it’s better don’t swim.

Similarly, if you have skin diseases, avoid first approaching the pool because bacteria can infect others.

If your eyes are sore after swimming, do not rub your eyes continuously. Use eye drops immediately.

After swimming, immediately rinse the body with antiseptic liquid.


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