Is It True That Colon Cancer is Triggered from the Habit of Eating Instant Noodles?

colon cancer habit eating instant noodles

One type of cancer that is strongly influenced by poor lifestyle is colon cancer. The trigger of this cancer is 70 percent from unhealthy living habits. Only 30 percent of it appears due to hereditary factors. Well, one of the foods that are accused of being one of the causes of this cancer is instant noodles. Is it true?

“No research has revealed that instant noodles associated with cancer,” said Dr. Ibrahim Basir from the Digestive Specialist Doctor Association Indonesia Jakarta Raya (IKABDI Jaya), as quoted by Republika page.

However, people need to know that instant noodles are not recommended to be the main food. The reason is in instant noodles also contain the content to watch out for, namely MSG. Occasionally eating instant noodles is still allowed, as long as it does not change the healthy lifestyle that has been built before. This happens to some Japanese people who are fond of eating noodles but still compensate with a healthy lifestyle.

Doctor Ibrahim said, eating food needs to be balanced with other things. For example, a person also still need to consume vegetables, fruits, and also exercise.

Meanwhile, according to Doctor Arnold Simanjuntak as Chairman of Jakarta Digestive Week 2016, instant noodles are not directly related to the appearance of cancer in the body. To keep the colon healthy, muscles must be trained to stay strong.

“We know that there is a muscle in the intestine, well it really needs to be trained with heavy foods for example. If you eat instant noodles continuously, the muscles become less work,” he said.


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