Often Eating Guava Seeds Can Cause Appendicitis, Check the Facts

eating guava seeds cause appendicitis

Ever heard the myth that eating guava seeds will cause appendicitis? This is not true in medical opinion. Appendicitis occurs because of the end of the intestine or also called appendix has an infection.

If the infection does not heal, the usual action taken by the doctor is to cut and throw it by surgery. This is known as appendectomy.

Reported by Boldsky page, the trigger of infection in the appendix is bacteria. As a result of these infections, there is obstruction, or constriction of the intestine. The effect is the dirt becomes clogged and hard to get out. This will aggravate the infection.

Obstruction also causes blood circulation in the digestive organs is inhibited, thus interfering with the digestive process as well. Patients will feel pain on the right side of the abdomen, which sometimes unbearable.

To restore the comfortable situation and eliminate the infection in the appendix, then intestinal cutting will be done soon. This will not interfere with the digestive process because the appendix is actually not much benefit for the human digestion process.

“It’s the best solution to prevent infection or further complications,” wrote a medical expert.

Not only bacterial infections, someone who has an unhealthy diet is also at risk of appendicitis. As a precaution, you are advised to eat foods with high fiber content that is good for digestion.

“By always applying a diet high in fiber, then intestinal health is maintained and the digestive system will always be healthy,” he said again.


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