If the Child Has a Cold and Cough and Does Not Get Well Soon, Look for the Cause

child has cold cough

A cough and cold disease because the virus will usually heal by itself. Everyone has an immune system capable of blocking every disease that infects the body. Including, the virus that causes the flu will be countered by the body automatically until completely healed. But for children, sometimes found cases have colds that do not heal immediately.

If a child experiences such a thing, then parents need to find out if there is a possibility that the trigger is not from the virus. According to Dr. Cissy B. Kartasasmita, Sp.A (K) as a pediatrician from the Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine University of Padjadjaran, could be the trigger is allergic. Colds like this are treated by getting rid of the cause of the allergy.

“The common cold caused by the virus is usually three to five days will disappear by itself. Of course, this if the child’s body resistance is good. If the child’s immune system is not good, could be longer, can be up to two weeks,” said Dr. Cissy as quoted by Detik Health page.

Colds experienced by children up to more than two weeks need to look for other possible causes. Could be the trigger is allergic rhinitis. Colds due to allergies should also get treatment. However, the type of allergy also needs to be known.

“It’s a cold because of allergies and must take medication. What kind of allergies do not know yet, so it should be checked to the doctor. Generally is an air allergy,” said Dr. Cissy.

If the child has a chronic and recurrent cough, the parents also should not be silent. Exposed to cough up to three times in two months, need to find the trigger.

“A cough for a long time and does not immediately heal, then fever more than two to three weeks without knowing the cause, there are glands, weight does not go up even though nutritional intake is good, this means there is something. Signs like this usually leads to Tuberculosis (TB), should be checked,” said Dr. Cissy.


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