6 Bad Sides of Antibiotics for the Body That Need to Know

bad sides antibiotics for body

Consuming antibiotics needs to be careful and should not be careless. Therefore it is advisable to obey the doctor’s advice if you want to take medication, including antibiotics.

Why? Although it is not a strong medicine, but there is a bad effect of taking antibiotics that can affect your body health.

  1. Trigger diarrhea.
    The types of amoxicillin and metronidazole are known to trigger diarrhea, with a smelly and watery stool. For some people, this condition can be severe.
  2. Kidney.
    Certain types of antibiotics also cause adverse effects to the kidneys, even triggering dysfunction. For you who are prone to this disease, be careful or avoid in taking this drug.
  3. Vaginal yeast infections.
    Drinking antibiotics even fertilize the fungus in Miss V? This can happen. Even vaginal infections can occur.
  4. Allergy.
    Skin allergies in people who are sensitive to sulpha tetracycline antibiotics can sometimes cause itching and spots. Worse yet, there can be blisters or known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.
  5. Stomatitis.
    It is similar to canker sores or a wound infection in the mouth due to antibiotic consumption.
  6. Flatulence.
    Flatulence is also one of the effects of taking this drug. This is because it stimulates the emergence of gas in the stomach or gastritis because antibiotics kill good bacteria in the digestive tract.

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