Is It True That the Fruit Seeds We Swallow Will Grow in the Stomach?

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fruit seeds swallow grow in stomach

There are times when someone accidentally swallows the seeds of the fruit. Though the seeds should not be swallowed. It is often found in people who eat watermelon or fruits with small seeds. There is a special concern for health, due to eating the seeds.

The assumption of the people, these seeds can grow in the stomach. Other assumptions, people who eat guava feared to have appendicitis. The reason, guava seeds can clog the canal in the appendix and make it inflamed.

But all that is a myth that can not be verified. These small seeds will not grow in the stomach and cause health problems. Each human stomach has a very strong acidic substance called hydrochloric acid. Foreign objects that enter the body – including seeds of disease to the seeds of the fruit – are immediately destroyed once exposed to the acid.

Fruit seeds do not have a suitable condition to grow in the stomach. So no need to worry about the myths associated with the entry of fruit seeds into the stomach. In addition, the cause of appendicitis is not due to blockage by the guava seeds. This disease is more often triggered by the presence of bacteria that infect the appendix.

Certainly, the seeds of fruit will eventually end up being feces with other food scraps. So no need to worry about your health while swallowing it. Except in rare cases, if the seeds to disturb the health then immediately consult a doctor.


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