Gympie Leaves, Poisonous Leaves That Can Be Deadly If Touched

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gympie leaves poisonous deadly touched

Some plants can be a deadly poison to humans, although the number of such plants is very little in this world. One of them is a plant called Gympie. The leaves do not look strange at first glance, but the effect if you touch it is you can die.

Gympie leaves are heart shaped with serrations at the edges, and filled with fine hairs on the leaf surface. Although it looks safe, but the fine hairs turned out to contain deadly poison.

Luckily, Gympie leaves usually only exist in dense forest, so the risk of humans to touch these leaves is only a little.

The fine hairs on this plant contain toxin moroidin that can rapidly spread into the human body alongside the bloodstream once you touch it. The fine hairs on the Gympie leaves are very smooth, making it easy to get into your skin pores.

Reported by the Oddity Central page, the first to be felt is a burning sensation on the body part that affected by Gympie leaves.

The burning sensation will intense happen until the next half hour, and even the pain may increase, according to virus expert Dr. Mike Leahy.

The poison will spread to the joints and makes the body parts swollen and inflamed. For people who have allergies or weak immune system, even the poison can cause death.

But for some people, the effect can be mild such as itchy, skin rashes, sneezing and swelling.


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