The Most Healthy Eating Time for the Body

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most healthy eating time for body

Eating is an activity that humans do to survive, to be healthier and stronger, if done correctly. There are certain times when the body is at the right biological clock, so that humans are encouraged to eat at that time.

When is it? Reported by page, let’s see together =

Begin the day with a healthy breakfast menu, after a few hours the body does not receive nutritional intake after sleeping overnight. Recommendation from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the best time is at 05.00-10.00. Consumption of foods that quickly absorbed by digestive organs such as fruit.

Morning snack before lunch.
Snacking can help reduce hunger before a big meal. It also helps provide energy reserves, if you choose the right snack. Snacks after 10.00 am are allowed, of course, but choose healthy ones such as green beans or fibrous foods such as whole wheat bread.

Lunchtimes are generally from 11.30 to 15.00. Eating early can help weight-loss program, according to the researchers.

Dinner should be spaced 3 hours from your bedtime. That’s to allow digestive organs to work best before you fall asleep. The advice is at 18.00, if you sleep at 21:00.

Food can be a source of health, or even a source of disease. All are your own choices, so keep trying to be healthy.


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