5 Causes If You’re Still Hungry After Eating

causes still hungry after eating

Hungry when not eating and on an empty stomach is normal. But if you’ve just eaten and still have the desire to chew food, plus a stomach that already feels hungry again, there must be something wrong with your body.

It may be that there has been a health problem that you do not realize it. What are the things that can cause the stomach still hungry despite having eaten with satiety before?

  1. Stress.
    The hormone cortisol that is released when someone is under stress can trigger the digestive work becomes faster. As a result, you will get hungry faster and want to eat again. No wonder, some people if they have a problem, they even eat more.
  2. Hyperthyroidism.
    This is a health problem when the thyroid hormone works too actively and makes the digestive work faster. The result you are easily hungry and want to eat again.
  3. Obesity.
    Obesity is also a health issue. This condition can trigger you to eat again, even though you have just eaten. The accumulation of fat in the body triggers more insulin produced, and this is what causes excessive hunger.
  4. Hypoglycaemia.
    Blood sugar levels in your body are lower than normal, so the body responds by sending a signal to the brain that you need to eat. This is why you are hungry even though you have just eaten.
  5. Menstruation.
    In women who are on or before menstruation, this condition can also occur. Changes in hormone levels in the body trigger hunger often appear. No wonder women are often snacking and eat when menstruating.

In addition, there is also the influence of consumption of several types of drugs that make a person’s appetite increases or often feel hungry. For example antidepressants, allergic drugs, antibiotics and others.


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