Some Things That Can Cause the Baby to Be Born Prematurely

things cause baby born prematurely

The number of babies born prematurely in Indonesia is considerable, even occupying the fifth place worldwide based on a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016. Recorded 675,700 numbers of babies per year were born under premature conditions.

This certainly affects the health of these babies, because globally the premature condition is the leading cause of death for children under 5 years.

Each case of premature infants occurs due to the mother’s condition, or outside of the mother’s condition. For that, we need to know some of the causes that trigger premature conditions to be avoided as early as possible.

The first is because pregnant women are reluctant or do not check the condition of pregnancy to the doctor. Though prenatal care is important to be done so that the mother’s health condition is controlled.

Reported by the page, the second cause is pregnant women do not maintain the diet, lack of essential nutrients for pregnancy such as folic acid, iron, and others.

If the weight is less, then there is a chance the baby is born prematurely. Generally, pregnant mothers will experience weight gain approximately 11-15 kg. If less than that then the baby may experience nutritional deficiencies.

The age of pregnant women also turned out to have an influence on the birth of premature babies. If under 17 years, or over 35 years of age, the chances of having a premature baby become high.

Not only that, the condition of twin pregnancy is another cause that triggers a faster birth.

Diseases such as diabetes, depression, or hypertension are also the triggers of the baby’s birth faster or premature. Even abnormal uterine or cervical conditions also many triggers these conditions.


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