6 Foods That Should Not Be Consumed on an Empty Stomach

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Hungry and empty stomach sometimes make people will immediately eat any dish on the table without thinking. The habit is actually less good because it turns out there are some types of food that are not recommended consumed in an empty stomach condition.

If you consume it, it can arise indigestion that makes you sick to the stomach or even bloated. Here are some foods that are not recommended for consumption when the stomach is empty =

  1. Bananas.
    The high content of magnesium in bananas is not good for the empty stomach. This will make the absorption faster, and the magnesium levels get high in your blood. The result can be bad for heart health.
  2. Sweet foods.
    Indeed, sweet foods and high sugar are not recommended for an empty stomach. This can lead to increased insulin levels, and make the pancreas work hard. Long-term effects are the risk of diabetes will increase.
  3. Tomato.
    Tannic acid content in tomatoes can trigger gastric ulcer disease if you consume on an empty stomach. Should avoid drinking tomato juice or eating tomatoes if you have not eaten another meal.
  4. Soda.
    Drinking soda is not recommended if the stomach is empty because it can make the digestive work disturbed. The circulation of blood in the stomach is also disrupted and makes the mucous layer become damaged.
  5. Spicy foods.
    If you eat spicy foods when the stomach is empty then it can stimulate the work of the digestive system to remove more acid. This will make the stomach ache and bloated.
  6. Yogurt.
    Although this is a healthy drink, but when taken on an empty stomach condition can make hydrochloric acid secreted in the stomach so that harm your digestion.

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