6 Benefits of Walking 15 Minutes Every Day for the Body

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benefits walking 15 minutes everyday

Exercise that is cheap and gives a big effect for the health of the body is walking. No need to pay expensive to be a member of the gym, or hire a personal trainer. Simply walk on a regular basis for 15 minutes every day, around the house or workplace and other activity locations.

Reported by the Times of India page, research conducted by Harvard University revealed that walking regularly for 15 minutes every day can make you long life. That’s because the body gets some health benefits that are often unexpected.

What are the tremendous benefits of walking for the body and health? Here’s the information =

  1. Strong bones.
    At the age of 30, the bones in general will begin to thin and its mass decreases. As a result, you are susceptible to bone-related problems. By walking routine then the bone density will increase gradually.
  2. Burn calories.
    Walking is an easy way to burn calories and get rid of body fat. In a study conducted by the University of Tennessee, it was revealed that women’s body fat that routinely walks will be less than women who exercise in the gym. Especially will appear at the age of 40-66 years.
  3. Mood booster.
    Increased mood or mood booster can also occur with walking activity. This is based on studies conducted by the American Psychological Association.
  4. Creativity increases.
    Compared to sitting, walking will increase a person’s creativity. For you creative workers, multiply walking activities.
  5. Sharper brain.
    When a person walks, there is better coordination and connectivity in different parts of the brain. This makes the health of the brain more awake and healthy.
  6. Connect with nature.
    Walking makes you connect with nature, which is useful to release depression and stress and make the body relax. Especially if the location is cool, full of trees and fresh air. May be useful.

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