6 Factors That Cause Ringworm Like to Appear on the Skin

factors cause ringworm skin

Some people look very susceptible to ringworm disease, while others do not. Ringworm is caused by the Malassezia fungus that grows and breeds in the skin.

There are some triggers, but generally because a person does not maintain skin hygiene. The fungus will also be easy to grow due to other factors.

Here are some factors causing the growth of Malassezia fungus uncontrollably so that the ringworm spread on the skin surface =

  1. Oily skin type: if you have oily skin type then the risk of having ringworm will be greater
  2. Teenagers or young adults: it turns out, ringworm will be more attacking teenagers or young adults.
  3. Hormonal changes: in adolescence there is a significant hormonal change, so favored by the fungus.
  4. Humid and hot areas: some areas have humid and hot temperatures. This makes the growth of skin fungus more rapidly and spread rapidly.
  5. Excessive sweating: because the weather is moist and hot then the skin will easily sweat. This combination is a very favored by the skin fungus that causes ringworm.
  6. Low immunity: people who are less healthy and have low levels of immunity are easily infected by skin diseases such as ringworm.

Some areas of the skin that often become ringworm place is on the face, neck, chest, back, armpits, groin, which is often sweaty and moist.

You can easily get rid of diseases caused by the fungus using ointments sold in the market, or traditional herbal ingredients such as galangal, turmeric, tea tree oil, lime, starfruit, coconut oil, and others.


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