Songs Like This Can Help Bring Fresh Ideas and Increase Creativity

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songs bring fresh ideas increase creativity

There are some jobs that require high creativity. Sometimes the main problem faced is the deadlock of ideas. Thus, the work becomes obstructed until a new idea comes to mind. For problems like this can actually be helped by listening to music.

But not just any kind of music. In order to stimulate creativity, required music with a happy tone. The influence of happy music with creativity has been revealed through research conducted by a joint team of Radbound University in the Netherlands with the University of Technology in Australia.

The study found there was a difference in the creativity of volunteers who listened to music, with various genres. A total of 155 adult volunteers were included in the study. They were divided into five groups. Four groups were asked to listen to songs with different genres. While one group does not listen to music.

Songs that are played are happy, soothing, anxious and sad songs. This research is focused on measuring divergent thinking or generating new ideas from every volunteer. They are also assessed for their convergent thinking or problem-solving skills.

As a result, the group who listened to classic song “Spring” from Antonio Vivaldi with happy song type seemed the most effective for generating ideas, compared to other songs. Researchers note that this song provides an increase in creativity by combining the mood generator and the positive energy boost of the song.

It’s just that researchers do not find any significant influence of all the songs in encouraging the improvement of convergent thinking skills. External stimulation such as listening to songs is more suitable for generating ideas. As for the convergent ability, it is more appropriate if someone is in a quiet atmosphere.

The study is published in the journal PLOS ONE.


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