Hot Weather Can Trigger Stroke, Beware!

hot weather can trigger stroke

Larger cities tend to have hot weather. For those of you who live in hot climates city, you should always be vigilant. Hot weather not only causes sweat, or respiratory tract infections, but it is also risky to become a trigger for the onset of stroke.

Heat Stroke Often Attacking People Who Live in High-Temperature Areas

According to Dr. Omar Zein, a specialist in internal medicine, too high heat (temperature) can lead to dehydration and even fainting. This is what triggers the onset of heat stroke, a disease that becomes a frightening specter for many people because it can result in fatal disability or death.

Heat stroke usually occurs in a high-temperature environment. Usually, this condition occurs in hot regions that have low humidity, as well as in Saudi Arabia. People there tend not to sweat because the sweat will evaporate, making them more quickly dehydrated and fainted. Unlike in Indonesia, more inclined to sweat a lot, so it is more likely to feel thirsty.

Doctor Umar said if the weather is hot with high humidity as well as in Indonesia, does not directly lead to strokes or cause the breaking of a blood vessel. But just being a trigger for the onset of stroke or trigger a narrowing of the blood vessels caused by dehydration.

Stroke risk factors are diabetes, hypertension, high blood fat levels, and obesity. Stroke commonly affect adults or the elderly. According to Doctor Umar, to overcome or avoid stroke can be done by controlling the risk factors. For example, people with diabetes should immediately reduce sugar levels, people with hypertension should immediately lower blood pressure, as well as cholesterol levels, should be controlled by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise.

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