Why a Scratch on the Finger is Very Painful Even Though the Wound is Not Deep?

scratch on finger painful

Every person must have experienced a scratch. This injury is actually not too deep penetrate the skin. It’s just that the pain can be quite torturous if the affected is the finger of the hand. On the other hand, scratches on other parts of the body are not as painful on the finger. How come?

The reason, there are many nocireceptor on the finger. These free nerve endings receptors are higher in number per square millimeter than on other body surfaces. The finger becomes more sensitive to touch. Therefore someone more often uses their fingers to feel or identify something.

Finally, if the finger is injured even if not deep, then the pain is quite uncomfortable. Scratches of objects that make small cuts have such sensations as hurting the skin tissues in a rough way. Perceived pain arises from direct contact with some sensitive nerves on the skin surface.

In addition, scar wounds tend to last longer because generally have little blood or no blood at all. The absence of blood makes the wound not immediately close. As a result, the nerves will open in a longer period of time and the pain is still felt.


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