8 Tongue Colors and Its Meaning for Health

tongue colors meaning for health

The color of our tongue can describe the health of our body. No wonder if sometimes doctors will ask patients to stick out their tongue while doing the examination. Not only color, texture and size of the tongue can indicate the condition of your body.

Here are some of the tongue colors and its relationship to the health condition of the body, as reported by Boldsky.com page =

  1. Pink.
    A pink tongue is a sign that you are in good health. Blood circulation smoothly, as well as no disruption of body functions.
  2. Red.
    A dark red tongue indicates that you are infected with an infectious disease, resulting in infection or inflammation. The blood circulation is rushing, so the color of the tongue becomes like that.
  3. Bright red.
    Patients with heart disease will generally have a bright red tongue. In addition, diseases of the blood or blood disorders.
  4. Yellow.
    Yellow tongue means you have health problems in the organs in the stomach or liver. For example, hepatitis, which should be handled by the medical person immediately if you experience the condition.
  5. Purplish red.
    A purplish red tongue indicates a problem with your lungs or heart.
  6. Blue.
    A blue tongue is a symptom that indicates a problem in your kidneys.
  7. Pale.
    A pale tongue indicates a disease or illness you are suffering, related to nutritional deficiencies, vitamins or minerals.
  8. White.
    White tongue and filled with a kind of layer, a sign that you are not cleaning this organ. The dirty tongue will trigger a fungal infection that makes your mouth smell bad.

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