According to Scientists, This Vegetable is Harmful to Humans

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vegetable harmful to humans

In nutritional science, vegetable is one type of food needed by the body because it is rich in benefits such as vitamins, minerals and fiber, also carbohydrates and various other elements. However, it turns out that not all vegetables can be beneficial because there is one type that is mentioned can cause ‘danger’ for the body.

A study conducted by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health reveals the fact that there is one type of vegetable that can make a person’s weight increase.

The study of daily diets followed by approximately 130,000 adults records what menus that are eaten by participants in a week, for four years.

After that, in the study also recorded the development of their weight in the period during the study.

The result, it was revealed that there are types of vegetables associated with weight gain or referred to as unhealthy vegetables from some types of vegetables that exist.

In the research note, the content of flour in vegetables such as corn, potatoes and peas is a suspect in the weight gain of the participants.

Most influential is corn, because in 0.9 kg per serving can raise the weight significantly during the period of four years.

“Corn is the worst. Corn can raise the weight up to 0.9 kg per serving for four years,” as written by the Byrdie page.

The reason, because corn with high glycemic levels will trigger the rise in blood sugar levels. In addition, this increase is quite intense and ultimately cause a sense of addiction.

As a result, participants will eat more of these foods and have an impact on weight gain.


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